NYU Blockchain & Fintech

NYU Blockchain & Fintech is the leading force at NYU Stern in educating and providing students with premier opportunities in technology-enabled sectors through speaker, recruiting, and networking events. 

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B&F Programs

Our mission is to provide unique hands-on experiences through partnerships with founders, DAOs, and industry professionals. 

  • Crypto Portfolio

    Investments Program

    The mission of our Investments program is to focus on applying traditional trading frameworks to cryptocurrencies and digital assets within the world of decentralized finance. Through partnerships with NYU professors, alumni, and our industry partners, we aim to educate our students on valuation fundamentals, financial markets, investment frameworks, decentralized finance, and derivatives.

    Last semester (F23’), we partnered with Collab+Currency and Origin Protocol to take on two projects: acting as investment analysts and governance participants for over $100,000 AUM.

  • Success factors illustration

    Consulting Program

    Our Consulting program asks itself one significant question: “How can we apply decentralized infrastructure to improve the world as we know it?” We aim to work as consultants for various businesses across the globe, providing them with solutions to the various problems they may have. 

    Last semester (F23’), we partnered with Ava Labs to build the framework for tokenizing commercial real estate, check it out here! (insert link to deck)

  • Proud coder illustration

    Development Program

    Our Development program aims to build a variety of different projects across the entire web3 ecosystem. We first aim to educate our members on the foundations of smart contract development through various crash courses, then allocate the rest of the semester on a collaborative project.

    Last semester (F23’), we developed a decentralized poker application on Coinbase’s highly anticipated L2 – Base – to host games and tournaments powered by decentralization!

  • Unicorn platform teaching resource

    Mentorship Program

    Our Mentorship program focuses on ground-up education of various web3 and fintech concepts while also emphasizing the importance of career development. Each semester, we take on a cohort of around 8-10 freshmen and host weekly workshops to cover different topics over the course of 10-weeks. 

    Some of the workshops we will hold include: Blockchain 101, An Introduction to Rollups and ZKPs, Interviewing 101, How to Crack a Coffee Chat, and much more!

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