Blockchain 101 with Deloitte

Join us as on February 5th at 12:30 PM at UC-04, as we invite Adarsh, a Deloitte Senior Blockchain Consultant, to teach us Blockchain 101!

Alongside a comprehensive introduction to blockchain, learn about our club, our mission, the teams, and the application

Past Events

Look through some of the events we've held in the past!

1. Blockchain & Fintech Bootcamp

2. KlimaDAO: Fighting Climate Change through DeFi

3. Electric Capital: VC in Web3

4. Women in Web3 & Fintech

5. An Introduction to Cryptoderivatives

6. Harmonic Chain: Crypto & Regulation

7. Binance Academy: DeFi on Binance

8. The Ethics of Web3

9. B&F Capstone

10. Fundamentals of Blockchain & Fintech

11. Curve, Gammaswap, Gamma Strategies, Premia Finance: A Tour of DeFi

12. The Political Economy of Crypto & Libertarian Philosophy

13. An Introduction to Zero-Knowledge Proofs

14. dYdX: An Introduction to Perpetual Futures

15. Marcum LLP: Essentials of Crypto Accounting

16. CertiK: Foundations of Smart Contract Security

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